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Discover the location, hours, insurance policies, and treatment procedures available at Dr. Anthony Giantinoto’s Newark, DE Chiropractic Office. We’re a small office that’s big on service. Conveniently located at 260 Chapman Road, STE 104E in the Commonwealth Building of the University Office Plaza. 19702



Chiropractic is a system of drug-free healthcare based on the diagnosis and restoration of restricted joints, especially those of the spinal column, which are held to cause pain, physical stress and disorders by affecting the spinal nerves, connective tissues and the musculoskeletal system.






INITIAL VISIT » $125.00*    

ADJUSTMENT » $63.00*

CONSULTATION »  Complimentary    


*The prices listed above represent the typical service charges associated with your initial office visit and follow-up chiropractic treatments (adjustments). Fees can vary (see below). Therapeutic services, complex evaluations and/or regional treatments can be associated with additional service charges. Please note that all charges will be discussed and agreed upon prior to service. We Support Price Transparency


If we participate with your insurance… insurance companies set specific allowable charges that will determine the out-of-pocket costs you’ll incur prior to meeting your deductible. These charges vary and are dependent on your particular policy. The good news is that these rates are usually lower than typical service charges and, if you have one, a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA) can be utilized towards payment. Feel free to call us prior to scheduling an appointment to discuss what your financial obligations may be. In-Network

If you do not have insurance… we will gladly pass along the cost savings we incur when an insurance claim needn’t be established for reimbursement. A prompt-pay discount (20%) will be applied to the service charges listed above and/or any non-listed service charges when a payment of cash, credit or debit is received at the time of service. For example, the fee for our Initial Visit is $125, when we apply the 20% prompt-pay discount your cost will be $100. Similarly, the fee for an Adjustment is $63… $50 with the discount. Get Started Today

If you do have health insurance, but we’re not in your network… you can request a superbill (summary of services and charges) that can then be submitted to your insurance carrier for a possible reimbursement. Out-of-Network

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident or sustained a work injury… there are usually no out-of-pocket costs associated with the treatment of injuries that occur in association with a motor vehicle incident (occupant or non-occupant) or arising out of and in the course of employment. Tell Me More



location & hours:


University Office Plaza » CommonWealth Building

260 Chapman Road, STE 104E · Newark, DE 19702

Mon 1PM-7Pm · Wed 1Pm-7Pm · Fri 9am-3pm


Contact Us for Emergency Appointments & Weekend Availability



  • accidents & injuries

ACCEPTED: Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) and Workers’ Compensation (WC) insurance claims are accepted at our chiropractic office. This typically means that there are no out-of-pocket costs associated with receiving care. If you have sustained an injury in an automobile accident or vehicular collision, or hurt yourself at your job, we’re here to help. Please schedule an initial visit; bring the associated case/claim number and a valid driver’s license or an appropriate photo identification with you to your first appointment. Get Started Today 

  • Health Savings Accounts

ACCEPTED: Chiropractic services, vitamins, supports and an array of health products are generally eligible for coverage within most Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), as well as with Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSAs). Please check with your HSA or FSA administrator for the specifics regarding your account. Our Fees

  • Medicare & Medicaid

IN-NETWORK: Medicare insurance coverage is accepted at our chiropractic office. Patients are typically responsible for a yearly deductible and 20% of the medicare-established service fee for a chiropractic adjustment. Medicare does not cover the costs associated with initial evaluations, follow-up evaluations and/or therapeutic modalities. Get Started Today

IN-NETWORK: Medicaid insurance coverage is accepted at our chiropractic office. Patients have no deductibles, co-insurance or copays to worry about. Get Started Today

  • Private Health Insurance


IN-NETWORK: Our office is currently in-network with Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare. Use our simple online scheduling to make an appointment today. Save time… download our practice forms and complete the necessary paperwork prior to your office visit.

OUT-OF-NETWORK: If we do not participate with your current health insurance carrier, you may still be eligible for a full or partial reimbursement of the service charges that are incurred during your office visit. This is what is known as out-of-network benefits. Upon request, we will provide you with a PDF copy of your treatment-note/superbill. This document can then be submitted to your insurance company for a potential reimbursement. Prompt-pay discount may apply; please review our costs section or give us a call for further details.

  • Slip & Fall Injuries

ACCEPTED: We would be more than happy to sit down with you to review the particulars of your slip & fall injury. If we decide that chiropractic treatment is appropriate for your injury, we would then discuss the specific financial obligations of your proposed care. To get started, print and complete our Slip & Fall Injury Form and schedule a Complimentary Consultation.




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